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Do you wonder how to craft your story to make it compelling reading for others? Or how to structure it so it holds together? Or how to write about difficult memories? Or how to write truthfully about something that happened decades ago? Or what to do if someone else remembers the same events differently? Or how to know if your story is worth writing?

These questions can paralyze us, but that doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, those same questions can be the doorways to the finest iterations of your story.

JOin bestselling author Alison Wearing & learn:

  • Elevar tu historia personal para que resuene con otros.

  • Encontrar tu voz en tu escritura.

  • Crear una estructura para tu historia para darle forma a tu texto.

  • Descifrar la verdad y la memoria, conceptos críticos a la hora de escribir tu historia. Discenir las diferentes perspectivas, permisos y voz. 

  • Superar los obstaculos internos que encuentran quienes escriben su historia. 

  • Herramientas literarias escenciales que necesitas para escribir tu historia de mamenra que sea memorable. 


Durante este programa de 6 semanas, tambien aprenderás:

  • Animated guidance and a clear, step-by-step process that will help you navigate the complex terrain of memoir.

  • Companionship and accountability. (You are not the only one who struggles with discipline!)

  • Live teachings and opportunities to have your specific questions addressed.

  • Fundamental practices that will improve and enhance all the writing you go on to do.

  • The satisfaction that comes with writing your story — at last.

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